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Policy-A Coverage 鮴ernational and Domestic

I-Pack Express Corp. offers a Full Coverage Policy-A insurance directly from an underwriter at LloydϦ London, one of the most desirable Marine Insurance* coverage provider in the industry. By bypassing insurance brokers and agents and working directly with the underwriter we offer the insurance coverage at substantial cost-cutting rates.

Policy Certificate, either an Open Policy or a One Time Shipment Policy, comes directly from Lloyd௦ London.

Insurance can be purchased separately for you or your clients regardless if you use our other services like packaging, crating and/or shipping.

Please contact us for specific savings over your current insurance costs.

*Marine Insurance

Marine insurance provides insurance cover for all modes of transportation ᩲ, Ocean and Trucking, as well as storage facilities, to moveable goods (goods and valuables) against risks during a voyage (the transport) and the attendant stops.

This insurance normally covers all risks rather than just individual risks such as fire, wetting of the goods, theft and robbery. The transport and traffic liability insurance sold by marine insurers covers the liability of the shipper/freight-forwarder towards the transported goods.


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